Sidama coffee

Ethiopia is hailed as the origin of coffee Arabica. Coffee for Ethiopians is a way of life at the same time an important source of income for coffee farmers and the nation at large. It employs many Ethiopians and bring the largest portion of hard currency for the country. Despite many areas of Ethiopia cultivate the Arabica coffee, the Sidama region is one of the few places that has got the reverened and best quality coffee of the country. The town of Aletawondo in Sidama region is located 68 km from the city Hawaasa is one of the readymade place to expereince how coffee is planted, cultivated, processed and packaged. Though this area is one of the best to see the whole process of coffee the other part of the region like Yirgalem keeps an important site of coffee plantation. Wotona Bultuma coffee producer farmers association is located 2 km from Aletawondo town and, and open to the tourist destination place.