Garamba Mountain is the highest peak in the Sidaama National Regional State with 3368 meters above sea level. The Mountain is located at 86 km and 3368 km, a distance southeast, from Hawaasa city and Addis Ababa city respectively. The mountain is covered with bamboo, hygiena, Junipers, Garambicho/Sidaama, and different species of shrubs. Additional to large species of flora, there are several animal species on Garamba Mountain. Red Fox, hyena, African wild dog, leopard, cheetah, and similar wild animals are living on Garamba Mountain. Garamba Mountain is the source of different rivers around Sidaama National Regional  State. Gidaawo River, Galaana River, Gannaale River, and other rivers are sourced from Garamba Mountain and there are more than 100 natural water springs on Garamba Mountain. Garamba Mountain is near Bale Chain Mountain and one can see Tullu Dimtu Mountain, the 2nd highest peak in Ethiopia which is found in Bale mountains national park from here. Due to its large amount of flora and fauna spectacular landscape, water bodies, and other natural attractions, Garamba Mountain is the best place for mountain trekking, botany tourism, zoology tourism, ECO tourism, and bird watching tourism. You have to arrange your tour through tour operators or Sidaama National Regional State, administration Tourism department. Arrange your tour in the dry season because the road is difficult in the rainy season.