Bo’nora waterfall

Bo’nora waterfall is largest fall in the Sidama regional state at 133 and 408 km southeast from Hawassa and Addis Ababa respectively. This natural mysterious site is known by its admirable great Bo`nora waterfalls, Bo’nora cave, various bird species, endemic mammals, impressive landscape, mosaic indigenous forests and cultural values.Bo’nora cave need further investigation for detail information. But according to the local society, it has been used to keep children, assets and their life during Italian invasion. There are different tools and heritages, which the people kept them in cave, which were used to food preparation, firing, sleeping and others. Prince Respell’s Turaco, wattle ibis, yellow fronted parrot, rigout’s rail, Harwood francolin are endemic birds around Bo’nora water fall and Bansa. Asaaro waterfall, with its beautiful image is near to Bo’nora waterfall with 3 km distance. The Bona-Bansa Tourist route is accessible with both dry and rainy5season, but for more comfortable journey it is preferred to arrange your tour within dry season from early October to late January. Public transportation is available from Hawassa and Aleta town. Logita Lodge, Sidama Net Abore Lodge serves you with Sidama dish and western influenced and Ethiopian cosine according your requisition. Kenan pension is preferable while you stay in Daye town.